Mum ‘very grateful’ after garbage man’s touching act of ‘kindness’

An Australian mother has praised her local garbage man for a simple but “lovely” gesture that left her two-year-old son “jumping up and down like crazy” and “screaming” with joy. Sydney mum Alicia, from Mt Annan in the city’s south-west, said her two-year-old son Anthony looks forward to being visited by their rubbish man, Wayne, every Friday morning.

She said Anthony is obsessed with garbage trucks and has made taking the bins out with him “part of our routine together.”

Alicia said this week, she took Anthony to greet Wayne as she normally would, but the pair were greeted with a surprise gift.

“Friday is trash day at our house, which my son looks forward to. It always starts the night before, taking all the trash out of the house and making it a part of everything we do,” she said. said Yahoo News Australia.

Sydney's son Anthony with two bins of new toys from Wayne the Garbage Man.

Alicia said Anthony “couldn’t contain his excitement” after receiving the toys from Wayne the Garbage Man. Source: Supplied

“We were getting ready for nursery and we heard the lorry coming so we ran out into the road like we always do and saw it coming.

“And the nice man Wayne always waits for us, always beeps at my son and smiles and rolls his window down. He really makes an effort to do that and this morning he was just looking in the back of the truck, quick with his hand to grab something, then he takes out these two trash cans for my son and my daughter.”

Alicia said Anthony “couldn’t contain his excitement” after getting the toys and was “jumping up and down” and “wouldn’t let go”. “I can’t even describe how happy he was, he was just ecstatic,” Alicia said.

A litter picker at Dee Why in Sydney.

The rubbish man’s touching act of generosity is ‘very uplifting’, Sydney’s mum Alicia said. Source: Getty

“With a two-year-old, because they don’t know how to contain their excitement, they just let it out either by shaking or jumping or screaming and it was just on another level. He was just on a high.”

Sydney’s mum joked that while her son was really pleased with his new gift, “I think he made my morning more than mine.”

“When someone does something like that, it’s just very exciting,” Alicia said. “I am very grateful for your kindness.”

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